Child: Developing Security On Their Belonging


Child: A child’s development is such that, first of all they develop security in the fact that the items that
belong to them will never be taken away from them. Once they are secure, they are able to freely
share knowing that their belongings are theirs even if other children temporarily play with the
said items.

Now when parents force their children to share, before the child is secure, they just fuel the
insecurity and therefore prolonging the development process of being secure in the idea that
their possessions are safe. Sometimes, when they feel completely powerless and are violently
forced to share with beating as a consequence of not sharing, they give up on the whole path
of developing this type of security, and they conclude that it’s a rough world out there. My
possessions are not safe.

The same process goes on in their minds when it comes to feeling that they belong. When a
child feels that their belonging to a family unit is solid, they are free to soar in many areas, move
far as their base is secure. If they don’t develop security in their belonging, they will always hover
around to make sure that they still belong.

Today, I would like to urge parents to be aware of the patterns that they repeat without giving a
thought to it

These may not be necessarily good for your children just as it wasn’t good for you.
Before you overreact, think, be present, analyze and then take the best action for the benefit of
your child and yourself!

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