Conscious Parenting Best Practises

conscious parenting practices

Conscious Parenting: There are four main points we consider when practicing conscious parenting. These are:

1. Equity

This is where the parent is encouraged to view their child as an equal. This is in the sense that the child has the right to exist and thrive, just as much as the parent. Therefore the parent, being the guardian should be willing to provide an emotionally safe environment for the child to thrive despite what they themselves are going through.

2. Non violent

Conscious parenting focuses on building authentic, loving and trusting relationships because these build resilience to life’s difficulties. Therefore parents are encouraged to stop using any form of physical or verbal abuse trying to coerce or force. Dissociation with self and unstable relationships are a direct consequence of violence.

3. Autonomy

The parent is encouraged to let children be who they want to be. We don’t treat children as mini men’s or people who will fulfill what we couldn’t. We allow them to experience life and process things as they are. This doesn’t mean we allow children to run our homes. It means we encourage children to form close trusting relationship with their parents so that in case there are issues in behavior, children will be trusting to receive gentle guidance and follow it, as they will be sure, their parents do have their best interests at heart.

A conscious parent knows

  • All children want to do well, there are no bad children
  • Connected children want to cooperate, connected adults want to cooperate too.
  • Family equity ensures both parents and children cooperate in ways that benefit the well being of both parties.
  • Healing parents past traumas brings and passes on July rather than misery to the generations ahead.

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