How to Keep People From Pushing Your Buttons

how to keep people from pushing your buttons

How To Keep People From Pushing Your Buttons: Today I am going to speak about one belief that tends to debilitate many of us, and put us in a situation where we allow ourselves get pushed around.

This is the belief that; if we worry obsessively about something or someone, or about how someone really feels about me, things will actually turn out better. The truth is, worry is just going to feed your anxiety, and you are going to dig yourself to a pit of darkness, uncertainty and fear. It does not make a positive difference in any shape, way or form.

Instead, be present, be reasonable be conscious. Look at this one practically, let other people be who they are and feel how they want to, because after all they are sovereign beings, just like you are. Your worrying will not influence them, and their feelings about you will not change who you are, it doesn’t have to.

When you prepare, and just be yourself, and let events take place, you are actually at a better place to make them better as you are stable.

When you worry, you put yourself in a position where you become unstable, and the likelihood of events going out of control is higher.

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Courtesy of  Therapist Jessica.

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