The Power of Perception

The power of perception
What is Perception

Perception is the organization, identification, and interpretation of sensory information in order to represent and understand the presented information or environment.

Did you know that your experience of the world around you is as you are, not as it is. You always have the power of perception to experience the same exact world as differently as day is to night.
This is a simple but complex concept to grasp. Therefore, I am going to explain it further by
giving a common example.

Your partner or anyone you share living space with is sitting in the living room looking at their computer. Let’s say this person is your spouse. You get into the room and the person shouts at you basically asking you to leave, they do it in a way that you don’t get a chance to say a word. You leave and after two hours, the same person comes to you and continues speaking to you as if nothing had happened.

In your mind, this is what is going on: “how can they be so dismissive!”, “How can they be so disrespectful!?”. I cannot let them get a way with it!”,  or ” I feel offended!” “I am not even going to answer him.


Now I would like to tell you what happened; the shooting and the being dismissed may have had absolutely nothing to do with you but everything to do with the person who actually acted.
They may have been in a meeting, they may have been having their video on and thru didn’t want you seen. They may not have been taught by their parents and teachers how to speak.

Your interpretation of what happened, which is where your power and weakness lie, is your problem not theirs. If you feel disrespected because someone shouted at you that’s up to you, not them. If you feel offended that’s up to you. You have choices at your disposal of how you would like this scene to play out in your life at that moment.

This is how we make ourselves miserable or happy. Circumstances notwithstanding.
I would like to tell you today, choose yourself, choose a constructive path for yourself. Do not
create dark holes and get into them. It’s all in your power! The amazing power of perception.

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