The Power of Positive Thinking

The power of positive thinking

The power of Positive Thinking

Today is my birthday, and it was when I was so many years old that I learnt that there is a term referred to as awfulize. This is when things don’t happen the way we would like, or the way we expect, we decide that the end of the world has come and its horrible.


You go to the bank at particular time when there’s usually no queue, but today the
queue is from CBD to Timbuktu. Then just as you decide you will not get in line, and you storm
out, you try to drive away and there’s a gridlock traffic Jam because Freedom has decided to
go to parliament. Then you are stuck in traffic, you can’t go back to the bank and can’t go on to
wherever you wanted to.

Then this is when you decide that you are having the worst day on the planet. Everything is just
horrible. The entire day is now spoilt. What an awful thing this is!

But think about it, is it really awful? Is it really that bad to have a few minutes to listen to music in
the car in some sort of peace? Is it really a whole day that’s gone wrong? Is the world really that
bad of a place when you actually have a car and a road to drive it on? The temperature is also
bearable and there’s no blizzard or hurricane.

I am just trying to bring it to your attention that; your view of the whole situation is in your hands.
It’s in your power to decide how you feel about these situations. You are not powerless and the
feelings you have about unpleasant outcomes and experiences are your CHOICE. They are not
automatic. This is good news, because you can change those feelings, all by yourself.
Refuse to be miserable! Utilize the power of positive thinking and lead a powerful, happy life.


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