Conscious Psychotherapy

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What Is Conscious Psychotherapy

Therapy Online | psychotherapy: The idea behind conscious psychotherapy is that it uses widely known methods which work, to get one from the depths they have created for themselves. This is contrary to traditional psychotherapy where a client may attend sessions for a lifetime and make very little progress over a long period, leading to one confusing it with physical therapy.

Conscious psychotherapy combines the most contemporary brain and psyche hacking methods, and gives these tools to the client themselves to be able to use at their own disposal. There are no secrets or methods that require a client be unconscious. Each approach is deliberate, easy to use, can be repeated on several issues and once learnt cannot be forgotten.
Much like learning to ride a bike. So conscious psychotherapy not only gives you treatment but also a way to overcome similar issues over and over again.

Approach to Therapy

This approach acknowledges the client so much that there is no one method to approach a particular issue for all clients. It’s all tailored by the therapist according to specific clients. Thus is it a one size fits all approach. The the therapist consciously weaves intervention strategies according to each client’s presentation. All these while respecting the client’s personality and their particular story.

This is the only approach to psychotherapy that enlightens the client on how to identify issues that they may have. Similarly, helping with issue that are so subconscious that the client themselves aren’t able to unearth. It simultaneously equips the client with tools to deal with the upcoming issues in a gentle manner.

Welcome and explore, whether you feel the need to or not.  We believe you never know how you may heal and discover your depths for a better you!

Meet Jessica, a practicing occupational therapist with an MSc. Occupational Therapy. She takes the lead role in walking with you. Her goal is to help you discover the hidden gems in attaining your personal as well as conscious self.

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